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When I was about eight years old, my father handed me his Contarex camera with a beautiful Zeiss lens and let me explore the art of photography. His photos still eclipse mine a thousand times, but I keep trying! Thanks, Dad, for the gentle nudge into this amazing art.

Then, as a writer and freelance web site designer, I often had the privilege of working with professional photographers. I saw the dedication and hard work that went into every shot. They thought of every angle, worked in impossible light, fought for clean backgrounds, and uttered silly comments to get the most photo-phobic subjects to relax. They always seemed to transform a simple photo into an awesome capture. It truly was inspiring.

Now, as an (almost) empty-nester living in Georgia, I'm using that inspiration to capture family photos, portraits, sports and community events as images my clients will love.

Lori Chrismer

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